facility fa‧cil‧i‧ty [fəˈsɪlti] noun facilities PLURALFORM
1. facilities [plural] PROPERTY special buildings or equipment that have been provided for a particular use, such as sports activities, shopping or travelling:

• The hotel's leisure facilities include a large indoor pool, sauna and sun terrace.

• modern health-care facilities

2. [countable] MANUFACTURING a place or large building that is used to make or provide a particular product or service; = PLANT:

• Torness Harbour has the best permanent docking facility on Scotland's south-east coast.

3. [countable] BANKING FINANCE an arrangement made by a bank for its customers which lets them use the services the bank offers. These services would include, for example, borrowing or investing money:

• MIT has put in place a £20 million loan facility for investment in European bonds.

• The company has now secured newcredit facilities to finance the purchase of the oilfield.

ˈcredit faˌcility
FINANCE BANKING an arrangement that allows a company or person to borrow an agreed amount of money for a particular period of time:

• Fortunately, we were able to secure a short-term credit facility with our existing bank.

ˈnote ˌissuance faˌcility abbreviation NIF
FINANCE BANKING an arrangement that allows a company to borrow money a number of times over a period of time without going through the usual formal arrangements each time:

• A note issuance facility is a medium-term commitment between a borrowing corporate and a bank.

4. [countable] COMPUTING a special feature of a piece of equipment that allows it to do certain useful things, in addition to the things the equipment normally does:

• IBM have urged businesses to increase their back-up facilities (= systems that can be used if the main one stops working ) .

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facility UK US /fəˈsɪləti/ noun
facilities — Cf. facilities
[C] a building or area that is used for a particular activity or purpose: »

The company is building a $4m training facility in Oakland.


She works as a chaplain in a juvenile detention facility.

[C] FINANCE, BANKING an arrangement that lets someone borrow money from a bank or other financial institution for an agreed period of time or up to a particular amount: a borrowing/overdraft/credit facility »

Do you have an overdraft facility on your account?


The company has secured a $2m debt facility from another bank.

[C] a special feature on a machine, computer, piece of software, etc. that enables you to do something: »

Another useful facility of the software is an embedded dictionary.

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